Safety Information

Since its inception in the late 70s the sport of Bungee Jumping has come a long way, today the activity is predominantly organized by “The Code of Practice for Bungee Jumping” NZS 5848. This New Zealand based governing body oversees all the training, materials and equipment used by Bungy Jump operators worldwide. Hero Bungy Jump Pattaya Thailand is of no exception and as of such completely conforms with the NZS 5848 Standards Association of New Zealand.

The Equipment

Bungy Cord:

There are various types of bungy cord currently in use but by far the most trusted is a military grade form of elasticized natural latex rubber. The latex strands are then wrapped in a tightly bound weave of exceptionally strong nylon. The military uses the exact same type of bungy cord or shock cord - as it is sometimes called to – to airdrop supplies or cargo by parachute safely to the ground.


The two most commonly used harnesses are the foot harness and the body or seat harness. The most popular is the foot as it give the jumper a head first plunge into a lake or river. As with the cord only the strongest materials are used along with super strong stitching techniques. In the as of yet unheard of scenario that this were to fail a secondary body harness comes into play making it fail safe.

The tower structure:

Our tower structure Is 165 feet tall or 50 meters. It has an exemplary safety record as although the structure is new the same impeccable design has been used in Phuket and Chang Mai for thirty years. As with all of our equipment it is regularly checked according to internationally recognized standards.


Our fully trained jump masters are fully recognized and endorsed by New Zealand governing body of standards.  “The Code of Practice for Bungee Jumping” NZS 5848.  Along with the best scenic bungee jumping location available in Thailand our excellent staff is what also distinguishes us as the best bungy jumping experience available in Thailand.

All in all whilst jumping with Hero Bungy Jump Pattaya Thailand you are in very safest of hands.