About Bungy Jumping

Over 35 years ago David Kirke and Simon Keeling made the first modern day Bungy Jump from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol England. The two dare devils formed a club called the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club. Their exploits around the world got the attention of the press and before too long spread worldwide bringing the activity to the thrill seeking general public. Hero Bungy Jump Pattaya Thailand is proud to honor those two pioneers and bring you the very best jungle jumping experience.

35 years of development has made the Bungy Jumping one of today’s safest adrenalin fuelled activities with state of the art cables and harnesses. The entire sport is moderated by “The Code of Practice for Bungee Jumping” NZS 5848. This predominantly New Zealand controlling body was formed to oversee safe practices of conduct with strict regulations concerning the equipment used. They also made it a requirement that only qualified jumpmasters could operate and bind the elastic cables to potential jumpers ankles.

A J Hackett is a legend in the world of bungy jumping bringing a tidal wave of world media interest after jumping from the Eiffel tower in 1987! AJ was highly instrumental in organizing the worlds first commercial bungy jump in Auckland New Zealand in the late 80’s. He now runs successful businesses around the world with exemplary safety records. Hero Bungy Jump Pattaya would not be operating now without the guidelines set out by these organizing bodies. All of our equipment is checked by qualified Jumpmasters, and we only use the very best materials the world has to offer. In fact our calculations concerning the length of braided shock cord – which is made of high quality pre-stressed latex strands - is so precise that we can even judge how much of a jumper's body is immersed in water – if that is your requirement of course.

Our safety standards require jumpers to be a minimum of 35kg, with a maximum of 235kg. These weights are for a conventional jump from our 50 meter (165 ft) platform. However, an alternative Superman launch is available whereby riders start at ground level and then catapulted high into the air giving a feeling of incredible speed and excitement has a maximum weight limit of 82kg.

Whichever type of Bungy Jump you choose you can always rest assure that our team of professional friendly staff will be there for you every step of the way, and our team of photographers and videographers will be ready to record that exact moment you chose to become a SuperHero.