Hero Bungy Jump Pattaya Thailand

Where Superheroes and legends come to jump!

Bungee Jump with us and we’ll promise you an unsurpassed day of adrenalin pumped action. Let our professionally trained staff guide you safely through an adventure of a lifetime.

Hero Bungy Jump Pattaya is the most scenic and attractive bungy jump location available in Thailand. Located in stunning rural countryside with spectacular 360 degree views from the top of our awe inspiring 50 meter bungy platform. Lush pineapple plantations, sparkling lakes, coconut groves and mountains lay amongst tropical jungle full of colorful wildlife including various inquisitive primates. The famous Kho Chi Chan Big Buddha mountain sets a formidable Thai backdrop. As do Pattaya’s numerous - and rarely seen - tropical islands glistening like jewels along the coastline stretching from Bang Saray’s quiet fishing village, through to Jomtien and onwards to the unashamed excess of the world’s most exciting city - Pattaya.

At Hero Bungee Jump Pattaya Safety is our number 1 priority and our bungy  structure - completely custom designed for our breathtaking location near Pattaya on Thailand’s eastern seaboard is run by professionals with more than 30 years experience operating bungy jumps in Phuket and Chang Mai with an impeccable proven safety record. Our equipment is supplied and installed by the top New Zealand bungy authorities recognized by the “Code of Practice for Bungy Jumping”, and our jumpmasters have been trained with full compliance of international bungy safety standards.

Although we take our responsibilities very very seriously we still know how to have serious fun. For a totally unique experience why not jump in one of our super hero costume outfits for a memory that will keep you and your friends laughing for years and years to come.

People have been jumping off cliffs, down mud slides and off bridges for centuries, from remote tribes in Africa to South America, this tradition has continued to this day in the form of professionally staffed bungy jumps – it's simply the modern day equivalent. The Question is; Why?!

If you’ve never taken the leap you might well be asking that very question, the answer is in the act itself. Most of us lead interesting for filling lives, but for many it lacks excitement. There is a part in all of us that yearns for something more, to make us feel alive again. A single moment that takes our breath away and leaves us in ore of natures natural forces. This is the reason we do it, to remind ourselves who we are. More than just part of the everyday crowd, more than just doing what It takes to get by day after day.  Without this drive to challenge our senses and push ourselves to the limit, something inside us dies and seldom awakens. The opportunity to reawaken and blow your minds senses is here and waiting for you right now at Hero Bungy Jump Pattaya!

There’s a hero inside all of us just waiting to get out.



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